Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know about residential treatment?

  • How many clients share a room?

    Most rooms are shared by two men.

  • Can I leave TWC by myself?

    No, for your first 30 days, you cannot leave the property without the company of another “senior” participant. Staff will let you know when you are eligible to leave the property on your own.

  • Will I need spending money while at TWC?

    All meals, snacks and laundry are covered. If you wish to take the bus to a support meeting or other scheduled appointments you will need funds for transit tickets. Nightly in-house meetings will be held at TWC for clients to participate in. If an in-house meeting is not being held, a group of clients will assist you in walking to and from a local twelve-step meeting. If you have a legal or medical appointment and cannot afford bus fare, TWC will provide assistance.

  • Can I make phone calls and use the computer?

    Although clients are encouraged to concentrate on their recovery process at TWC, each home has a phone for local calls. Necessary long distance calls can be made with pre-approval from staff using a telephone in the office during regular business hours. A client computer is available on site which residents can use during permitted times. Residents are also permitted to visit the local library during appropriate times which is within walking distance of TWC.

  • Can family or friends come to visit me at TWC?

    Pre-approval is required for afternoon or weekend visitors. Check with TWC staff after admission for more information on visiting hours and conditions.

  • Is this a religious program?

    TWC offers a program that is non-denominational and not religious. All clients are welcome to participate in our program regardless of their race, cultural background or religion. We support clients in creating and believing in their own spiritual practices.

  • Is this a 12 Step Program?

    We do introduce participants to the principles of twelve-step programs and they are also required to attend twelve-step meetings in the community. Twelve-step meetings help participants to acquire and maintain a support group which will be paramount to their success in recovery upon leaving the program at TWC.

  • What should I bring?

    Please bring comfortable clothing suitable for the time of the year.  Recovery based literature is supplied, but feel free to bring a novel or two for casual reading. Athletic wear is also recommended so residents can participate in extra programs which require physical activity. Devices such as MP3 players and Ipods are allowed to be used with headphones permitting they are not able to connect to Wifi. Please pack basic toiletries and towels, but sheets, blankets, pillows and pillow cases are provided upon your arrival.

  • What should I not bring?

    We ask that any clothing which depicts or encourages substance consumption or vulgar language of any kind is left at home. Electronic devices such as laptop computers and cell phones (or any other electronic devices which can connect to the internet) will be safely locked away on site. Clients will be permitted to access their cell phones to write down numbers during permitted times.

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