1. Where is Together We Can located and how do I get in touch?

Our main administration office, intake centre, courier and mailing address is:

2831 Kingsway

Vancouver BC

V5R 5H9

P: 604.451.9854

TF: 1.888.940.9854

F: 604.451.8863

E: [email protected]

W: www.twcrecoverylife.org

Office hours are Monday – Thursday 8:30AM – 4:00PM. Friday 8:30AM – 12:00PM. Closed on weekends and holidays.

2. How do I get to TWC?

The TWC Intake Team can pick up new arrivals from the airport, ferry or within the lower mainland by car. Pick-ups are scheduled with the intake worker.

3. What kind of addictions do you treat?

We offer treatment services for all substances including: alcohol, cocaine, crack-cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, fentanyl, MDMA, ecstasy, marijuana, GHB, and ketamine. We also offer services for process addictions like sex, gambling, video games, shopping, and food.

4. How do I fund mine or someone else’s treatment stay?

Treatment pricing is determined by a variety of factors, including which program options you choose, which location you go to, and if you require treatment for conditions like PTSD. We are limited to 16 subsidized beds through the Ministry of Social Development. The intake team can advise of the required criteria for admission. Please call the intake team at 604.451.9854 to discuss the list of factors with you. We also work with private insurance and employers that offer benefits to cover the cost of addiction treatment services.

5. What services are not covered during my treatment stay?

Non-BC residents, or those without valid MSP coverage, may be billed for any services related to medical care by the professional providing that service. This can include doctor visits, ambulance transportation, emergency room visits, hospitalization, outside counselling services, massage therapy, dental, etc. The resident is also required to cover any costs associated with medications. Any amounts owing will have to be paid directly to the service provider and cannot be remitted by Together We Can.

6. What do I bring?

TWC provides all your towels and bedding. Please bring weather appropriate clothing, outdoor wear, indoor and outdoor shoes, toiletries, prescribed medications, a pre-loaded MP3 player that does NOT hook up to WiFi and other small comforts.

iPod Touches, cell phones, wallets, identifications, WiFi capable electronics, etc. will be stored securely for the first part of your stay. We ask that you store high value, large amounts of cash, and/or sentimental items with a safe person. Together We Can is not responsible for any lost or stolen items that have not been appropriately stored or left on property after discharging/completing the program.

7. How do I take my medications?

All medications and supplements must be stored securely by Together We Can staff in accordance with Vancouver Coastal Health. Medications are dispensed as prescribed at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime. Off-site dispensing will be arranged by our Client Care Department.

8. Can I store my belongings?

It is suggested that new residents store their furniture, vehicles, and extra belongings in a storage facility at their own cost. Together We Can does not have the space to store large amounts of personal belongings

9. Can I store and/or drive my car?

Residents in the primary care program are prohibited from using their personal vehicle and keys are stored in a secure location with staff. Travel to and from appointments is provided by Together We Can. Upon graduation, residents in our Sober Living program are allowed use of their personal vehicles. Should you bring a vehicle you can park on the street, if space allows, and it is not disrupting to the surrounding neighbourhood. Together We Can is not responsible for theft, damage, vandalism, tickets, towing or impound of vehicles. It is the resident’s responsibility to ensure the vehicle is registered, insured, and parked in an appropriate place.

10. Will I see a doctor?

We are proud to offer a medical clinic staffed with two physicians, a Registered Nurse, Medication and Medical Coordinator. We also have a registered Dietician on-site to help with nutritional needs. Our medical staff can help with detoxification, medication management and stabilization, OAT (Opioid Antagonist Therapy), diagnosis, and continued care. We have also partnered with other service providers, like dentists, for residents requiring the service.

11. Do I get to see a counsellor?

Yes, every resident of Together We Can’s primary treatment program are assigned an individual Certified Addictions Counsellor for one-on-one sessions. Together We Can also employs Masters level Clinical Therapists, should residents require additional services. We also have 24-hour support staff that are available in times of distress or if a resident has an issue that comes up for them.

12. What types of counselling/ therapies are available?

Together We Can offers a variety of counselling styles and modalities that include Trauma, CBT, DBT, EMDR, and Neurofeedback.

13. Can I use my cell phone?

After 42 days and meeting requirements, most residents are then allowed to keep their devices with them, unless otherwise stated in an auxiliary program. You can request access to your cell phone to make personal phone calls and conduct banking when needed, generally outside of group or counselling times. There are daily scheduled device times for leisure use. Each property has a landline for use whenever needed.

14. Can my family and/or friends visit me?

Friends and family are welcome and encouraged to visit you during your stay at Together We Can. Visits must be planned and approved by the Client Care Department and must take place during free time.

15. Can I leave property unattended?

New residents are automatically placed on a five-day property restriction and are not allowed to leave the facility without a staff member. After the restriction has been lifted, residents in our primary care program can leave in groups of three to visit local stores for necessities and attend 12-step meetings. All residents must have prior approval from the Client Care Team prior to leaving property and must check in/out with the support team. Property restrictions are subject to change without notice and travel outside of the facility can be denied.

16. Do I get searched upon arrival?

Yes, we do search belongings to ensure no contraband is being brought into the facility. Rooms and belongings are subject to random search as well.

17. Will I have to consent to drug and alcohol testing?

Yes, we test our residents randomly and periodically during their stay. Tests must be completed on-site with our Client Care Department and results are recorded in our tracking system. Together We Can is an abstinence-based facility and use of substances or refusal of testing can result in immediate discharge from our program and our sober living residences. Our most common method of testing is urinalysis and breathalyzers.

18. Do I have an assigned chore?

Each resident is assigned a daily chore and is also responsible for making sure their personal area is kept clean and tidy. Residents are required to clean their own bedding and laundry using our on-property washers and dryers.

19. Should I bring money with me?

Residents of our primary program can set up a petty cash account catered to the residents need. Accounts are managed by our Accounting and Client Care Department. Access to funds is limited based on case-by-case requirements. Access to bank/credit cards can be approved through the Client Care Department on a as needed basis. We ask that you do not bring large amounts of cash with you. Together We Can is not responsible for lost and/or stolen items that have not been properly secured or stored.

Please see question 5: What services are not covered during my treatment stay?

Please see question 6: What Do I Bring?

20. Can I have packages delivered to me?

Yes, however, we do reserve the right to open and search the package to check for contraband.

All packages can be couriered or mailed to us at:

(Recipient name)

c/o Together We Can

2831 Kingsway

Vancouver BC V5R 5H9

P: 604.451.9854

21. How long is my treatment stay?

Treatment stays are determined prior to intake, but usually last anywhere from 60 – 90 days, with most residents finding the greatest success after a 90 day stay. Upon intake, the Clinical Care Team works with residents to create a plan that will help to determine the stay duration.

Together We Can also offers Sober Living Residences where graduates of our program can continue to live in a safe, sober environment while re-establishing their lives through work, school, or volunteering.

22. What does a typical day in treatment look like?

Residents adhere to a schedule that includes group and individual therapy, group outings, extra-curricular/weekend programming, mealtimes, and meetings. A detailed schedule is provided to each new resident upon arrival and a Case Manager will be assigned. The Case Manager helps new residents learn the schedule and how the program works.

23. What will my first day be like?

Each resident that comes in has unique circumstances to consider upon arrival. In most cases, residents going through the initial intake process and assessment, followed by a facility tour. Residents are given the opportunity to settle into their room and then asked to join programming.

24. Is Together We Can a 12-step facility?

Most of our primary care programs are 12-step based and residents are encouraged to build relationships in the fellowships of Alcoholics Anonymous and/or Narcotics Anonymous. However, we do offer programs that are non-12 step based or use other modalities such as SMART Recovery, CBT & DBT. Our Solid Ground program is non-12 step using a biopsychosocial approach to addiction recovery.

25. Can I work while at Together We Can?

Primary care residents cannot work while attending the treatment program. After graduation, residents who decide to stay in our Sober Living program are encouraged to work, volunteer, or return to school.

26. What do I do after treatment?

We offer an alumni and after-care program in hopes of our residents staying connected to the organization and sharing their experience, strength and hope with other new arrivals at TWC. This is open to all alumni whether, or not, they partake in our Sober Living program. Continuation of participation in a fellowship or recovery program of the alumni’s choice is encouraged along with continued counselling, nutrition management and medical care.

To learn more, about aftercare, please visit https://twcrecoverylife.org/after-care-program

27. What is the Sober Living program?

Graduates of primary care are given the option to live in one of our sober living houses (often referred to as “second stage”). Residents in this program can go back to school, work or begin volunteering while still staying accountable to their recovery journey. This program has a zero-tolerance rule for use of any substance or abuse of prescribed medications.

28. Do you offer support to family and loved ones of residents?

Yes, we offer free programming through both our Family Education Group and Grief & Loss support group. More information can be found at twcrecoverylife.org/family-support