Comprehensive Care at TWC: Our Newly Opened In-House Pharmacy

At Together We Can, we believe in providing holistic and compassionate care for individuals on their journey to recovery. We are proud to announce the grand opening of our cutting-edge, in-house pharmacy, in partnership with Joe’s Family Pharmacy. Specially tailored to complement our addiction treatment centre, gone are the days of navigating multiple locations for medications or facing insurance complexities. With our streamlined pharmacy services, patients receive their prescriptions promptly and efficiently, allowing them to focus entirely on their healing process.

Our team of highly trained pharmacists collaborates closely with our medical experts to ensure personalized and safe medication management, reducing the risk of relapse and enhancing treatment outcomes. Moreover, our pharmacists actively engage with patients, offering valuable insights on medication management and fostering open communication to empower individuals to take charge of their recovery. At Together We Can, we are committed to supporting our patients' complete well-being, from mental health to life skills training, and our newly opened pharmacy marks another milestone in our dedication to helping each individual embrace a brighter, healthier future. Join our supportive community and experience the difference of complete care at TWC.