Grief and loss support

This program is on hold until February 2023.

A free bi-weekly open grief and loss group, using your peers, support, and education to help you along your journey further. Grief and loss is an individual process and can be experienced due to death, divorce, faith, finances, and health-related issues such as COVID-19. The meetings are open to anyone, and there is no cost to attend. The group will gather virtually via Zoom for the near future. Each week the group will focus on a different theme and share coping skills and strategies for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual impacts of grief and loss.

Those who wish to participate in the groups are required to complete an intake assessment to assess your needs. We want all participants to feel supported in a safe space to move at their own pace through their individual grief process towards the hope of recovery.

Individual Grief & Loss Counselling Sessions

Our treatment duration will vary from person to person as grief is different for everyone. One-hour counselling sessions are available via Zoom or in-person with proper P.P.E. Counselling sessions are subject to an hourly cost, please contact us through the form below.

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