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Joseph Naaykens has been volunteering his time at TWC since completing a residential treatment program one month ago. Joe believes that helping others is fundamental in keeping himself clean and sober. He performs a variety of duties including picking up clients from detox and helping support staff with day-to-day client co-ordination. Joe is hoping that his volunteer efforts will transpire into a full-time support worker position. He finds it crucial to “stay in the middle” and benefits from the accountability and comradery that comes from helping out at TWC.  Joe is also constantly working to improve and maintain the TWC Second Stage home he currently resides at. He enjoys being part of a team, being of service, and helping out TWC’s newest clients. He is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep himself clean and sober on a daily basis. Joe’s housemates enjoy his good nature and wholesome cooking and believe that the Second Stage home wouldn’t be the same if he wasn’t there. TWC is grateful for the continuing efforts of people like Joe who are willing to volunteer their time and help Together We Can offer the quality of treatment it is known for. Joe is continually grateful to have the opportunity to be involved with TWC.

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