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Dr. Bryn Hyndman, MD, ND

Dr. Bryn Hyndman - Holistic WellnessHolistic Wellness

Dr. Bryn Hyndman, MD, ND, and Medical Director at TWC and Qi Integrated Health. She is educated both in naturopathic medicine and as a medical doctor. She treats the interconnected systems of body and mind, as she helps our residents improve their overall state of health.

Proper nutrition is a key element for sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Hyndman performs thorough personal history and physical exams along with specific laboratory-based assessments to establish accurate health profiles.

Courtney Nichols – MC:AT, RCC

Courtney Nichols - Registered Clinical Counsellor, PTSD TherapistRegistered Clinical Counsellor, PTSD Therapist

Courtney Nichols is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in B.C, and a Certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist for anxiety disorders.  She has additional specialty education and experience working with depression, PTSD, OCD & psychosis. She is invaluable to the healing here at TWC.

Courtney facilitates a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy group where anxiety symptoms, triggers and coping strategies are discussed. Together in a group setting, clients are able to share their experiences with anxiety and constructively come up with healthy ways to manage daily worries.
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Dr. Kim Graham, TCM

Dr. Kim Graham - AcupuncturistAcupuncturist

Kim is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and heads our Acupuncture Program. With eight years of education in Eastern and Western medicine, Dr. Graham is an expert in her field, and has hands-on experience with homelessness, addiction, and mental illness in Vancouver’s DTES and at Harbour Light.

Kim has been facilitating acupuncture treatments for men in early recovery since 2002, and is an expert at recreating balance and alignment for the processes within the human body. They are often heavily disturbed after periods of substance abuse.

Penny Hyndman

Penny Hyndman - Neuro-Feedback TherapistNeuro-Feedback Therapist

Penny is a graduate of the Vancouver Hospital School of Nursing and brings a wealth of experience and diverse training to her Neurofeedback work. Her experience includes working in both residential and community settings with men, women and youth that are identified as having substance abuse and mental health issues.

Penny has extensive experience in primary treatment of addictive disorders, case management, cognitive behavioral therapy, Neurofeedback, relapse prevention and co-occurring disorders.

Michael Cain

Michael Cain - Veteran Services and Volunteer CoordinatorVeteran Services and Volunteer Coordinator

Michael has been trained in naval communications and served for three and a half years in the Canadian Navy.

Aside from handling his responsibilities as one of our Veteran Services Coordinator, he is also the Volunteer Coordinator and a live-in manager at one of our transitional homes.

Mike coordinates and schedules OSIS (operational stress injury support) groups, counselling sessions, and other activities at Together We Can. He communicates regularly with Veteran Affairs and offers his experience, strength and hope to servicemen dealing with substance abuse, PTSD, and other mental health issues.

Paul Owen

Paul Owen - Veteran Outreach Services - Vancouver IslandVeteran Outreach Services – Vancouver Island

Paul is a Veteran of the Canadian Forces; proudly serving Canada for ten years. Working with his Veteran Affairs Case Worker, Paul entered our Residential Treatment Program with his service dog Tucker – a beautiful Siberian Husky who was assigned to Paul as OSIS (operational stress injury support) for depression, anxiety, and PTSD after his time in the military.

With a strong desire to help other servicemen find the help he did, Paul is a frontline outreach worker for Veterans struggling with substance misuse and mental health disorders. With an illuminating personal story to share, Paul lets people he meets know that he “found his home” at Together We Can – among brothers in recovery.

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