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The vast benefits of regularly participating in a physical fitness regime are well documented. Exercise creates physiological changes that aid with stress management, proper sleep and overall recuperation. Veteran Duff Goodwin, Together We Can Resident Services staff member, has constructed a boot camp-style fitness workshop for veterans in our care.

Fitness and Athletics provide a positive use of energy during drug and alcohol recoveryParticipants are led by Duff to nearby parks and recreation centres to complete circuits made up of basic exercises. Duff has extensive experience facilitating fitness boot camps and takes into account individual fitness levels and pre-existing injuries that may require special attention.

Duff’s fitness group takes place at TWC three days a week from 3pm to 4:15pm in the afternoon.

Duff Goodwin

Duff Goodwin - Fitness InstructorFitness Instructor

In 1985 Duff Goodwin joined the Canadian Army where he became an Infantry Soldier serving in both the Regular and Reserve Forces.  His appointments were as a Rifle Coach, rifle/pistol Regimental team member, assistant unarmed combat instructor and Airborne Infantry Soldier.

After leaving the military he was offered a job teaching “Bootcamp” fitness sessions in Whistler and Squamish BC teaching Men and Women military-style physical fitness. In 2006 he joined a BC Provincial Volunteer Search & Rescue Team, eventually becoming a Team Leader.

It was during this time that he started having problems sleeping, becoming very distant to his Family and drinking more and more, and finally in 2011 he was diagnosed with Alcoholism and PTSD.

“After two years of destroying myself I found TWC in May of 2013 and began my Recovery.  And because I’m not perfect I returned in March 2015 for another shot…my goal now, with my life, is to try and help anyone who is trying to help themselves in recovery.  Physical fitness is a great way to help yourself heal and change the old you into a new you.” Duff

TWC Fitness & Athletics

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Golf Program
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Together We Can provides a recovery environment that includes opportunities for residents and alumni to participate in TWC Athletics & Outdoor Adventures.

Along with a number of sport programs, our residents often take day trips to explore and experience the power of British Columbia’s pristine wilderness. Led by TWC Staff and Volunteers, participants venture out for some fresh air and easy to moderate hikes and climbs around the Greater Vancouver Area.

These Athletics and Adventure programs allow participants to begin the process of promoting physical fitness, building confidence, and encouraging socialization—all of which are imperative to leading a clean and sober lifestyle.

Outdoor Adventure Programs

The majestic and inspirational feelings that surface on a wilderness hike or basking in the heat of a campfire help clients at Together We Can move past old beliefs and preconceived notions. Our philosophy is that recovery from substance abuse continues outside of the group room and counselling office. Regular trips are made to Burnaby Mountain, Buntzen Lake, Alouette Lake, Stawamus chief and trails in Stanley Park.

The TWC's Outdoor Adventure Program is a positive use of energyMen at Together We Can partake in monthly camping trips during the summer. They are often especially relevant for those interested in the spiritually invigorating power of nature.

During these trips, the concepts and traditions of aboriginal spirituality are imparted by our counsellors and Indigenous elders who also facilitate sweat lodge and smudging ceremonies.

Experience, strength and hope are the topic of discussion as men begin to open up, and hear more about their guides successful journeys in recovery. Many of the bonds that are forged on these outings end up lasting a lifetime. Getting away from the chaos of the city often allows these men to open up to new ways of thinking and being.

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