TWC Staff and Alumni Celebrate 42 Years of Summer Clean Time

This Summer, TWC staff and alumni kept the cakes coming with a long list of clean time birthdays – 42 years worth of clean time to be exact!

When we celebrate a cake, we not only acknowledge the effort that those in recovery make to change their lives and heal their spirits, but we celebrate the fellowship and every person who has helped them along their way.

A cake isn't just about saying "you did it" – it's about saying "we all did it."

TWC would like to congradulate the following staff and alumni for their amazing and inspiring acheivments:

Loyd S (7 years), Lee D (3 Years), Joey M (2 Years), Tyler B (1 Year), Jeremy B (1 Year), Dale L (1 Year), Rico P (2 Years) Mick D (11 Years), Steve B (3 Years), Jim C  (1 Year), Josh D (2 Years), Zack F (1 Year), Richard T (1 Year), JJ N (2 Years), Vaughn D (1 Year), Elvis P (1 Year), Nicholas P (1 Year), Nathan M (1 Year).

Happy birthday to all of you!


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2 thoughts on “TWC Staff and Alumni Celebrate 42 Years of Summer Clean Time

  1. So proud to know some of you  and have had the pleasure of getting my life back through all of your compassionate  care and programming i know the work ive done to get sober   . I look forward to being aprt of twc for many years to come  maybe taking a cake with you all there too 

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