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Big News, TogetherWeCan is having an exciting prize giveaway! Tell us what you enjoy most about being sober, and you could win a TWC prize pack (Including a $20 Starbucks gift card, and one of our new TWC T-Shirts). What sort of rewards or benefits do you see in your life due to your staying clean and sober? Let us know, reply for a chance to win!

13 thoughts on “TWC Prize Pack Giveaway !

  1. What I enjoy about being sober is the people around me that care about me and want me to succeed in life, the people that hold me accountable for what I am doing and call me on the things I am not doing….life is better than ever for me right now and with twc and the people around me I know the sky is the limit. I can not wait to see how much better things will go because I made the choice to get better. I love you all and thank you

  2. Choosing just one BEST or GREATEST (THING EVER) about sobriety or being clean is a very difficult thing to do… when you’re loaded. And I could say it’s the drugs that caused me to think differently or it was an overwhelming compulsion to feel something outside of myself because I had difficulty managing my reactions to situations, or it could be both at once.

    The fact is, to be consciously aware of not only being able to choose but absorbing the sheer, vast scope of options from which I can DO the choosing is my most cherished embrace as the result of being clean. I don’t mean to say that awareness is my favourite thing, because you aren’t even guaranteed that when you stop using, but rather I choose clear-headedness. Through different mediums, human beings attempt, succeed and sometimes fail, to recreate their own thoughts and perspectives on the world… to evoke specific feelings from art in any form that can act upon a universal human condition. Eunoia is the shortest word in the English language to contain all five vowels, and the word quite literally means ‘beautiful thinking’.

    Without being clean, I do not have beautiful thoughts and I certainly cannot recreate anything of moral value through any medium whatsoever. Every one of us in the program has a beautiful world view.

  3. Rewards/benefits? Well, I’m able to be there, not only for myself, but for those around me. Equally, I’m able to surround myself with people who are not only an inspiration, but who are supportive, caring and compassionate… and probably most importantly, I’m FINALLY able to realize that I’m worthy of the support, care, and compassion that is so freely offered in recovery. I have finally discovered what love is, and not the kind love that is centred in benefitting only myself, but the love that unites humanity to work towards a world of growth and… well, love.

    Simply put, I enjoy the love that recovery has to offer.

  4. • You notice that your mind seems clearer
    • You begin to think about new possibilities
    • The first seedlings of hope begin to sprout
    • You become more organized
    • You feel like you are on the right path to find real purpose and meaning
    • Life becomes a journey
    • Your problem solving ability returns. As opposed to turning to alcohol for strength or to help you deal with your problem, you are forced to rely on your natural ability to problem solve. This is huge! It is definitely tough the first few times but once you experience making it through a few of your problems without reaching for a drink, your confidence begins to restore, slowly but surely. You learn to face life’s situations and work through them using all that you have within you.
    • You begin to explore who you really are. Everything changes when you get sober. Being sober is truly a discovery of who you really are. Alcohol/drugs accentuates, creates and enhances aspects of your personality that are otherwise not present. In other words, you do, say and act differently when under the influence. So when you quit, you will start to notice there are things that you do not enjoy as much as you used to. Your interests will start to change. This is because you are coming closer to who you really are, the natural you, the one without alcohol/drugs.
    • You start to create. What you create is entirely up to you. Do something different, try to figure out what you enjoy and do more of it. Read about subjects that interest you, work on creating a different lifestyle. The more you do this, the more of a good habit it will become. You will soon find that creation is a benefit of sobriety.

  5. The submissions were all excellent and since we didn’t want to choose one, we did a little raffle. Scott was the winner, and YES, he will be getting one of our hot new T-shirts. Get in there quick Scott and let us know what size you want!

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