TWC Premiere Elevate Gala

Thank you for supporting Together We Can!

Together We Can's Premiere Elevate Fundraiser at the Imperial Theatre on March 5th was a massive success. Our plans to increase our number of treatment beds and renovate our current facilities are now coming to fruition as Together We Can remains on its trajectory of rapid growth. We cannot thank our valued community partners enough for supporting us as we create more solutions for those struggling with addiction and mental illness.

Funds raised at the event will allow us to select our first beneficiary of the Fallen Sons Memorial Fund, help support TWC Athletics, and complete renovations to our reception area and family lounge. The Fallen Sons Memorial Fund will allow Together We Can to subsidize comprehensive one year treatment programs for at-risk individuals who would not otherwise be able to fund their stay at TWC. 

Vancouver Kingsway MP Don Davies shared his extensive knowledge and insight around progressive strategies for effective substance misuse treatment in our province.

Noting the need for a greater number of abstinence-based treatment beds, Don was critical of "band aid" policy moves that fail to implement any effective long-term solutions.

Don shone a spotlight on BC first-responders who have been tirelessly caring for overdose victims as the fentanyl crisis claims more lives everyday in our country. Terrance Kosikar, a former paramedic and creator of the "It's Not Weak To Speak" PTSD awareness campaign, was visibly moved by Don's poignant words. 

TWC Board Member Dan Custock
Tim Nichols, who's son John Nichols died tragically of an overdose in May of last year, presented a powerful and emotional testimonial to the audience.

The Fallen Sons Memorial Fund, which will provide a comprehensive one year treatment program for a man who would not otherwise be able to afford it, will ensure that those who have lost loved ones due to overdose find a measure of solace and peace. 

Together We Can as an organization was honoured to have the Nichols family present at our event. Tim's words remain present in our hearts as we forge onward on a mission to help men find a new way of life free of substances. 

Stacy Wilson, Together We Can's Executive Director, found himself deeply humbled as he took the microphone on stage. The impact of support from our community partners, alumni and honoured guests was felt throughout the room while Stacy articulated his emotions with a moving address to the crowd.

Stacy was thrilled to have his mother and daughters in the audience as he spoke on his vision for TWC as an organization and those struggling with addiction and mental illness in our communities. 

Once again, thank you for everyone who participated, performed, donated and supported Together We Can. The impact you have made will help us provide greater access to addiction services to vulnerable populations in our community. We look forward to seeing you at TWC Elevate Galas for years to come!

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"TWC has saved my son's life.  He is now living a happy and productive life having been given the tools through the residential first stage program at TWC.  His lifelong program of recovery has carried on now back at home as he enjoys the life which he has been given back.  I am forever grateful to all of the staff and executive at TWC who were loving and supportive throughout his treatment."Sandy P, Mother

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