TWC Mascot Oliver

Oliver… You just cant be in a bad mood when he crosses your path!

During hard times a good companion of a good friend can be a wonderful thing to have.  Positive interactions are not only good to relieve the mind but can also effectively improve health conditions.  With no surprise, pets can prove to be good companions through tough times.  The affection of a puppy can help take someone out of their head and motivate them to tackle the situation at hand.

Studies have shown that therapy dogs can play a large role in reducing blood pressure as well as reducing the levels of Epinephrine and Norepinephrine. They also help to alleviate in turn reducing both depression and anxiety.  All round having the love and affection from a dog plain and simply puts smiles on peoples faces through stressing times.  I know for myself, when I am around dogs there is nothing that can take that smile off of my face.

A wonderful little guy by the name of Oliver was given in trust to one of our alumni/staff Justin Jackson because his previous owner simply could not take on the responsibility of being a dog owner.  Unfortunately Ollie was not able to receive the full attention that any dog deserves.  Justin was more than willing to step up and accept Ollie into his life. Having Oliver around puts smiles on the faces of the men here at Together We Can whenever he is around.  There is a therapeutic value when shown unconditional love from a friendly puppy that is almost unparalleled of which Oliver provides.  He has officially become the TWC mascot and is loved by everyone here at our facility.  The only thing that Ollie expects in return is that he is shown the same love as he does.  Oh, and maybe a few belly scratches here and there too!

Welcome to the team Ollie!!!

love me, love me, love me
love me, love me, love me

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