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Turning Point Recovery Gala

Mick D, Jordan D, Vince P
Mick D, Jordan D, Vince P

Together We Can staff members Mick Dosanjh, Steve Bull, Jordan Davies and Vince Pirozzi attended the 9th Annual Turning Point Recovery Gala held at the Four Seasons Hotel on Thursday in support of the fight against addiction in Vancouver. Over $10,000 was raised to support residents of Turning Point’s Recovery Program and Terry Lake, B.C. Minister of Health, showed government support in the form of a $500,000 cheque.

This year’s celebrity guest speaker was the famous musician David Crosby who openly shared his personal struggles with addiction and his path to freedom from substances. It was a truly heart warming and inspirational night for everyone in attendance at the Gala in this display of compassion and generosity. Together We Can recognizes the need for continual community and government support in the ongoing battle we face with the disease of addiction.

Thank you to Turning Point Recovery Society for hosting this wonderful event!

TOGETHER WE CAN – Building A Better Life in Cali

Rodrigo P, Don P, James A, Graeme T

A group of Together We Can staff and alumni took a well-deserved vacation to California where they represented TWC in style. Don PreslandRodrigo Alejandro RementeriaJames Akey and Graham Tippett spent time visiting a number of treatment centers including Michael’s House Outpatient CenterLifes Journey Center, Inc. and Palm Springs Recovery Center. These fine young gentlemen spread the word about Together We Can at every opportunity filled with gratitude and appreciation of the drastic changes that have taken place in their lives. Aside from visiting treatment centers, Disneyland and Hollywood Boulevard, the guys attended the Sober in the Sun LGBTQ Recovery Convention in Palm Springs where the theme was “Building A Better Life.”

We are proud that Together We Can was represented by young men who are so passionate and enthusiastic about spreading the message of hope and compassion which acts as the backbone of TWC’s recovery philosophy. The guys also paid a visit to the World Services on the last leg of their journey through Palm Springs and Los Angeles. They were not disappointed after witnessing the history of Narcotics Anonymous first hand at the NA World Service Office in Chatsworth, California. This office handles the production of all approved literature, provides resources for ventures approved by the WSC (NA World Service Conference) and also supports the NA fellowship on a worldwide level. Legal responsibilities are also administered here to ensure that NA traditions are adhered to and protocols followed regarding finances and copyright laws. Don PreslandJames AkeyRodrigo Alejandro Rementeria and Graham Tippett flew back with their “spiritual reserves” at full after sharing their love and gratitude for recovery in California.

Thanks for being such great representatives of Together We Can guys!


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