Recovery Life – TWC Fall 2017 Newsletter

After an amazing Summer of fun and fellowship, TWC is gearing up for the changing of the seasons. We have had so many inspiring stories and adventures in the past few months, and plan to have many more as we approach the holidays.
Lead a Recovery Life.

Elevate Life Wellness Centre Opens Its Doors

We are very excited to announce the opening of Elevate Life Wellness Centre, the newest treatment offering from Together We Can, that is situated in Burnaby, British Columbia, Elevate Life combines residential comforts with privacy and the highest quality of clinical care.

Our mission is to carry on with our tradition of providing the finest treatment services available anywhere, while also catering to client’s individual needs for exclusivity, privacy and comfort. READ MORE

Treating Addiction With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Kim Graham, TCM
TWC Wellness Blog Contributor.

There is no doubting the damaging effects that stress and addiction have on the body. When our qi(chee) is flowing smoothly, we are well, emotionally, spiritually and physically. When there is a blockage caused by emotional, spiritual or physical factors, qi cannot flow smoothly resulting in disharmony and/or disease.

Engaging in activities that work to promote the free flow of qi, like acupuncture, meditation and breathing exercises, you can effectively rebalance and restore wellness at an accelerated rate. READ MORE

Portugal’s Approach on Drugs – Medical Issue not Criminal Issue

16 years after making a bold move to treat drug use as a medical issue rather than a criminal issue, Portugal is now experiencing one of the lowest rates of overdose in the EU second only to Romania.

The distance between Portugal’s overdose rates, and those of British Columbia, are eye opening. In 2016, Portugal’s had 6 deaths per million population for their entire country is based off of a population of 10.3 million, which is more than double the population of BC.

The province of BC with a population of 4.6 million is on track to top 1400 overdose deaths for 2017, which translates into 304 deaths per million population. 5000% more than Portugal per capita. READ MORE

‘All My Relations’ Program Builds a Community Garden In White Rock

Recently, a community group in White Rock contacted Together We Can to assist with the development of a new community garden. Growing by the Sea is a grassroots organization that has partnered with several other community organizations to expand the community garden at White Rock’s Centennial Park.

On Saturday September 16, seven residents and one staff member from TWC’s All My Relations Program assisted with the placing of planters and filling them with soil. READ MORE

Making Recovery Possible for Veterans

Together We Can believes in a multifaceted approach to treating addiction, including programming that heals not only the body, but the mind, soul, heart, and spirit of our clients.

We also understand that the recovery community is vast and diverse, and have created safe spaces and programming for some of the most vulnerable groups including LGBTQ, First Nations, and veterans.

In the case of veterans, TWC has created something innovative that very few other treatment facilities can boast – a fitness program designed by veterans, for veterans.


Knowledge, Support, and Connection for Family Members

TWC offers a comprehensive, four session Family Support Program that educates and supports family members to better understand addictive behaviours.

Many people who are impacted by a loved one’s addiction feel utterly confused and helpless. They wonder where they went wrong or what they could have done differently to prevent the individual’s catastrophic decline.

We answer these questions and more. LEARN MORE.

Family Program Topics of Discussion:

Session One
Understanding Addiction
Why Treatment?
Enabling Behaviours

Session Three
Denial and Acceptance
Family Support Resources
Recovery Support Resource

Session Two
Boundaries & Building Trust
Understanding the 12 Steps
Post-Acute Withdrawal

Session Four
Guest Speaker
Relapse Signs & Symptoms
Working a Program of Recovery

The Family Support Program is FREE of charge to the family members of TWC residents, and takes place every Wednesday evening from 6:30-8:30pm at TWC Centre, 2831 Kingsway, Vancouver BC. 

Summer 2017 Events

TWC Summer ‘Rib-O-Rama’

We had such a great time at Lynne’s “Rib-O-Rama”!!! A very special thanks goes out to our entire Food Services team for hosting over 150 TWC residents, alumni, and family members.

The weather was perfect, and the ties that bind us certainly grew stronger over this meal. Can’t wait to do it again next year!!! READ MORE

TWC at Pride Parade

This August, TWC took part in the annual Vancouver Pride Parade with a float that wowed audiences and spectators!

The World of Olympus came alive with the help of numerous TWC staff, volunteers, and residents and was an absolute crowd favourite. READ MORE

Recovery Day 2017

Together We Can was honoured to take part in the 2017 Vancouver Recovery Day festivites.

With our dedicated team of staff and volunteers, we handed out not just popcorn, cotton candy, and swag, we also  handed out hope, love, and solidarity to the recovery community and those who are still suffering. READ MORE

The Slam Slo-Pitch

We wish to extend a very special thanks to all the players, coaches, umpires, volunteers, and family members who came out to enjoy a weekend of ball and fellowship.

It took a lot of hard work to put together another successful Recovery Slo-pitch Tournament. See you all again for The Slam 2018. READ MORE

42 Years of Summer Clean Time Celebrated

This Summer, TWC staff and alumni kept the cakes coming with a long list of clean time birthdays – 42 years worth of clean time to be exact!

When we celebrate a cake, we not only acknowledge the effort that those in recovery make to change their lives and heal their spirits, but we celebrate the fellowship and every person who has helped them along their way.

A cake isn’t just about saying “you did it” – it’s about saying “we all did it.”


Join us for an evening of live performances, celebrating the arts in recovery!
9:00pm -11:00pm Friday Oct 27th at The North Shore Alano Club.
176 East 2nd St, N.Vancouver

An amazing showcase of talent in the Greater Vancouver Recovery Community! See Facebook Event

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