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Join us every week as our clients share some of their inspirational stories about their unique, individual experiences at TWC Vancouver.

This is Jarrod W’s story:

After getting clean for the first time in my life in 2013, I attained ten months of real recovery by going to meetings, staying connected with my support group and friends, and writing and reviewing the Twelve Steps with my sponsor. I stopped doing the things necessary to stay clean at ten months and as a result, I picked up drugs. My close friends in recovery had told me about Together We Can and the unwavering support they provide, and I chose to reach out after a short time to get myself back on the path of success.

When I entered treatment, I was arrogant, doubtful, and anxious about nearly everything in my life. I didn’t know which way was up, or down, and I needed the program that TWC offers to ensure I could gain not only the confidence to do the next right thing, but the knowledge that by helping other I could stay clean – something that was severely lacking near the end of my ten months the first time.

Through the dynamic counselling approaches at TWC, I took full advantage of the opportunity to be proud of each step I took towards transparency and healthy vulnerability, and learn how I could personally encourage others to grow alongside of me in treatment. When I finished my sixty day First Stage program, I was called up to speak personally with the office staff about transitioning into a Second Stage housing environment. Second Stage Housing at TWC is a chance for graduates of the program to figure out what they want to do with their lives after treatment, and for me it meant returning to work.

I now live with other men who practice a daily program of recovery and support each other throughout the new experiences we have clean. TWC amazes me to this day at their ability to provide ongoing care that is open to clients who want to return to the facility as alumni to share their strengths and experiences with new guys. There is a weekly meeting open to alumnus every Tuesday evening, and much of my continued success is a result of this being available. As well, office staff and counsellors are always available at my disposal because they practice the principles of the Twelve Steps and embody a true compassion for their fellows. I am ninety days clean as of October 19th, 2014, and it would not have been possible without Together We Can. – Jarrod W

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