TWC Brings ‘The World Of Olympus’ To Vancouver PRIDE 2017

After months of planning and anticipation, Together We Can came out in full force on August 6th at the 2017 Vancouver Pride Parade and wowed the crowd with an inspired float named "The World of Olympus."

Complete with gladiators, Gods, togas, and tunes, Together We Can proudly spread the message of recovery, fellowship and pride to one of the largest crowds in the parade's 39 year history.

Websites like "Gay Whistler" put the entire day into perspective for participants and spectators alike:

"The 39th annual Vancouver Pride 2017 Parade and Festival is one that will no doubt go down in the history books as one of the best. Perhaps it was the weather of being hot and dry? Was it the smoky haze from the BC Wildfires that helped to keep the intensity of the sun in check and creating an ery orange/red glow over the city?

Or maybe it was an influx of LGBT Americans coming North to embrace the warm Canadian hospitality (and to take advantage of the strong US dollar). Could it be that the LGBT community were united and the mood in the city was full of love and caring?

Topping it off Vancouver Pride 2017 had an unexpected surprise visit from Netflix's original series – Sense8 cast and crew."

Together We Can would like to thank all of our staff, clients, and volunteers who put their hearts into making "The World of Olympus" come alive, and helping to show everyone that recovery is not only possible, but that having pride in yourself is a part of recovery too.


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