TWC Alumni Retreat 2016

 TWC Alumni Retreat – Mountain View

Don Presland and Rodrigo Rementeria from the TWC Alliance Program had a vision that began earlier this year. On November 25th to November 27th of this year, this vision was realized and 20 TWC alumni took part in a weekend of fun, fellowship and connections at the Mountain View Country House in Chilliwack. 

TWC alumni and staff were treated to an amazing experience – many thanks to the gracious donations of those in the TWC community. Vans and cars were loaded up on friday afternoon as the guys began their adventure with the Mountain View Country House as the destination.

The majestic view, fresh air and warm fellowship provided a great platform for reflection and appreciation of how vastly their lives have changed. 

Participants were led through an extensive Big Book Study Workshop in between fabulously prepared meals by Rodrigo and Dale from TWC's Alliance Program. A testament to the principles of recovery in action, twenty men with different backgrounds, personalities and experiences were able to appreciate and learn from one another over the course of the weekend. 

Together We Can imparts a philosophy with a foundation based on the lasting bonds and memories created on trips and retreats such as the latest Alumni Retreat. Everyone who participated had a blast and can't wait for the next alumni funded event to take place. Thank you to Don Presland and Rodrigo Rementaria for all of your hard work organizing the retreat – your efforts never go unnoticed!

"A great group of guys! But the best part about it was Daniel. His knowledge of the book and how to apply spiritual principles in his life is an amazing thing to behold. Going into this I knew I would be richer for the experience. But nothing could have prepared me for that. Thanks everyone!"

– Joseph Mcgeough, TWC Resident Services and Alumni 

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