TWC Alliance – Straight and LGBTQ Recovery Growing Together

Together We Can created the Alliance Program to address the need for a safe environment for addicts in the LGBTQ community to find recovery in a supportive and healing environment. 

The TWC Alliance Program addresses addiction recovery, but it also digs deeper into layers that some men experience with their sexuality before and after treatment. One focus of the program is to foster stronger communication, acceptance and understanding, and to develop positive relationships with “straight” allies, and the recovery community at large – to better connect and bond.

For some, the relationship transition from “stranger” to “straight ally” is a new, but mutually beneficial experience.  Some men come into recovery having little experience with the LGBTQ community, or may have preconceived notions or ideas that the Alliance Program experience dispels.

The Alliance Program offers men on both sides of that spectrum, a safe, supportive, and open space to create friendships and healthy relationships that can last a lifetime, both in and out of treatment.

Below is a passage written by a Together We Can Alliance Program resident named Stuart, who shares his experience of growth and acceptance that was made possible by this program.  In his own words, he explains the power and the importance of this recovery program, and the ability it offers to change hearts, minds, and lives.

“Life is a whole lot easier with acceptance…” Stuart M.

Before recovery I was not the most open minded individual to say the least.  I had my opinions and I was sticking to them. Period. That was it.  Looking back it’s quite sad to see the way I acted and the things I believed in, especially the way I viewed the LGBTQ community.

Before going through the Alliance Program at Together We Can, I had never really met or talked to anyone with a different sexual preference other than my own to be honest.  It took coming into recovery and being accepted into this special program for a pivotal moment to happen for me.

Simply by meeting and talking to another guy in the house who was gay, and having a conversation with him, I can say that within moments my mind and my life were changed, and that my world got bigger.  I had my mind opened, and thanks to that I’ve made a lot of amazing friends that I never would have spoken to before because of the recovery program at Alliance.

My life is far better than I would have thought possible, and I am very proud that there is a program out there that is able to bridge the gap between the straight and LGBTQ communities.  My life was changed for the better by this program, and because of my experience, I know that it can change the lives of others struggling with addiction.

Addiction doesn’t discriminate, nor should we as humans discriminate against each other just because of who we love – Life is a whole lot easier with acceptance and friends to help guide you through the tough times, so why would you let anything as trivial as someone’s sexual preference come between you and the opportunity of befriending a potentially amazing person?

About the Alliance Program:  

The Alliance Program combines and teaches a practical working knowledge of each of the of the AA and NA twelve step programs, Process Addictions, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, SMART Programming, and Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy in their unique program.

Participants at Alliance are provided with a safe, stable, structured environment that serves as an ideal forum for discussion and contemplation. Meditative practices are heavily incorporated as a form of self-reflection and decompression, and residents have access to support staff, trained clinical counsellors, external professional therapy, and nightly 12 Step meetings.

In addition to all of the clinical treatment programs offered by Alliance, out residents also have access to a wide range of therapeutic and social programming that includes:

  • Art Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Reiki
  • Weekly Outings
  • Subsidized Recreational Centre Passes

Those seeking an introduction to a broad range of dynamic concepts are perfect candidates for the TWC Alliance Program. For more information please contact or call us at 604-451-9854 within the Lower Mainland or toll free at 1-888-940-9854.

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