TWC ‘All My Relations’ at 2017 National Aboriginal Veterans Day

Recovery Life News Posted: Nov 10th, 2017 2:20 PM PST

Together We Can staff, volunteers, and residents from the Straight Path and Straight and Narrow houses of the TWC – All My Relations Treatment Program were in attendance Wednesday at the 2017 National Aboriginal Veterans Day ceremonies at Victory Square in Vancouver to mark contributions made to the Canadian military by Indigenous men and woman.

Starting with a peace pipe ceremony at Carnegie Hall in Vancouver's downtown east side, hundreds of participants then lead a procession down Hastings Street that ended at Victory Square where speeches were made and wreaths were laid down at the war memorial by First Nations elders and leaders, city officials, veterans, and the Mayor of Vancouver, Gregor Robertson.

The National Aboriginal Veterans Day is of significant importance not only to the clients of the All My Relations program, but to the wider Aboriginal community within Canada.

"TWC All My Relations is fully committed to supporting National Aboriginal Veterans Day," said Tyler Craig, Indigenous Cultural Coordinator for Together We Can. "The unique sacrifice of indigenous veterans has only been recently formally recognized in the public arena. An important part of our program is to educate our men on the complete history of indigenous people in Canada."

"With this understanding," continued Tyler Craig "our men understand how embracing culture, language and traditions is essential to recovery from substance abuse. We encourage TWC All My Relations men to learn how the giving of time and talents is rewarding when being of service to the community."

Speaking on the role that the TWC All My Relations program played at the National Aboriginal Veterans Day, Tyler Craig explained that "our men helped with carrying the procession flags, the wreaths and being part of the victory march to truly feel the impact of this event."

"Two indigenous clients of Together We Can are veterans of the armed forces," he continued" and were invited to be honoured for their sacrifice. Together We Can has developed specialized programming to assist veterans with their recovery from substance abuse. As an organization we are firmly committed to placing our full support in honouring the sacrifice of veterans."

Together We Can would like to thank all of our staff, clients, and volunteers for helping to make the 2017 National Aboriginal Veterans Day a huge and meaningful success.

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