Clients who are close to completing treatment are given the option to seek out new employment opportunities and will participate a workshop centered around securing meaningful and lasting employment. Each client is assessed on an individual basis to determine their strengths, skills, and employment history to find them a suitable career path. Clients are given strategies to successfully navigate future situations as prospective employees. They construct resumes and cover letters tailored to appeal to potential employers and participate in mock interviews.

Topics  include:

  • Career goals and summary of qualifications
  • Previous employment history
  • Volunteer experience
  • References
  • Personal characteristics and strengths
  • Resumes– chronological and functional designs


Men entering our program may face obstacles such as learning basic banking, obtaining identification to open bank accounts as well as obtaining credit. Many have accrued a substantial amount of debt due to their lifestyles and may be unaware of practical and realistic strategies to overcome financial hurdles.

Vancity has been presenting financial literacy seminars to our community for a number of years on topics such as investment, debt consolidation, budgeting, building credit and everyday banking. Financial literacy is the first step on the road to economic strength and independence and will help clients understand and use financial information to make better decisions.

Clients are given the opportunity to sit in on lecture-style groups and discuss problems and solutions amongst their peers. One-on-one follow-up sessions are also made available by Vancity where more specific issues can be addressed in privacy with the help of a financial professional.


Rebuilding Your Life

In this class, the focus is on rebuilding relationships, re-discovering what is important, following our passions, and creating meaningful and productive lives.

Fun in Recovery

In this class, we explore ways of having fun. We develop hobbies and learn how to plan and enjoy activities with friends, family, and loved ones. We explore nature, music and the arts, physical fitness, as well as being comfortable with ourselves.

Gambling and Gaming

The symptoms of gaming and gambling addiction are similar to those of drug and alcohol dependencies and the consequences can include loss of job, career, family, severe depression, and, in some cases, suicide. In this class, we develop skills to avoid developing dependency on gambling and gaming.

Mars and Venus

In this class we explore the differences between men and women and examine the ways in which we can learn to understand and cope with those differences. From here, we can gain insight into our personal relationships, especially our intimate ones.

Six Word Memoirs

Our stories are powerful. Through our stories, we have the power to create community, connect with others, learn from and teach one another. In this class, we construct an exhibit of our memoirs in a relaxed, fun atmosphere in order for you to own your story and share your experiences.


In this class, we learn to detach from addicted people and take responsibility for ourselves. We need to understand that we cannot control or fix others. When we are working harder on someone else’s life than they are, it’s time to take a step back.

Anger Management

In this class, we discuss the psychological and physiological aspects of anger, looking at ways we can defuse anger before it reaches a boiling point. We examine and practice healthy outlets for anger, such as deep breathing and meditation.


In this class, we focus on repairing and rebuilding our personal relationships through the use of honest communication, assertiveness and healthy boundaries.


Communication is only 7% verbal; the other 93% is non-verbal. In this class, we improve our communication skills by learning the importance of using “I” statements, being assertive rather than aggressive or passive-aggressive, and by practicing active listening.

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