Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Tristan Elliot


Together We Can

Tristan Elliott is the Marketing & Communications Coordinator at TWC, and has been with the organization since early 2018. With a unique skill set as well as a background in the private sector, Tristan utilizes a combination of technical know-how and commitment to the mission to make an impact for the organization. His favourite aspect of the job is witnessing the transformations that take place as men progress through the program. He also loves working in an environment with a family-like atmosphere. He equates helping others on a daily basis with taking vital steps towards self-actualization.

Tristan is a third-year Bachelor of Business Administration student at a local post-secondary institution, with a primary focus on Economics and Marketing. In addition to his studies, he has previously been employed at his family’s medical business doing clinical trials on new medicines and devices, as well as in sales at a local raw materials firm. More than anything, Tristan indicated that his experience working cohesively with others is what has enabled him to see things with a broader perspective, and ultimately be of service. Tristan is in long-term recovery: as a result, he understands both what it takes to be successful, and the barriers that the individual is likely to struggle with. “There is no substitute for steadiness, and no solution in a quick-fix”.

In addition to being passionate about helping others and the addiction field in general, Tristan is an avid writer, speaker, animal lover and dog enthusiast. He is born and raised in Vancouver and has deep roots in the community. He is in a long term relationship and is close with both parents and his three siblings. Still playing organized hockey and cheering for the Vancouver Canucks, as well as having grown up playing lacrosse, soccer, rugby and basketball, Tristan is a huge sports fan.