Client Care Manager

Sam Hall


Together We Can

Sam Hall is the Client Care Manager at Together We Can Main Centre. What brings him the most satisfaction is watching people become leaders, helping them learn how to be of service to the clients, and mentoring staff to live up to their full potential in their current roles. His personal struggle with addiction and his journey in recovery have prepared him well for his role. He had been working as a journeyman welder but wanted to find a job that had more meaning and purpose for him. He studied counselling at VCC and applied to TWC. Sam truly believes that working with people recovering from the disease of addiction is his calling. His favourite things to do in his downtime are camping, hunting and fishing. He is a member of a camping co-operative on Hornby Island where he vacations for a couple of weeks each year. Finding time to enjoy the moment, whether in nature or the city, helps Sam maintain balance.