Group Facilitator

Rob Hammond


Together We Can

Rob has been with TWC since 2016 and works as a group facilitator and counsellor. Prior to this role, he was a group facilitator and program manager at the Awakenings program, as well as the Client Care Coordinator at the Main Centre. His 9 years of experience in twelve- step recovery, as well as his previous work with recovery facilities in the downtown eastside have provided him with a broad skill set for working in the addictions field. He completed the online Addiction Medicine Diploma program through the British Columbia Center for Substance Abuse and is currently enrolled in his last semester of the Addictions Counselling Certificate program at VCC,  working towards his CCAC designation. Rob is in long-term recovery, having been sober since early 2010, and as a result, understands what clients need to do to achieve success. Rob enjoys attending recovery meetings and being of service in the community through sponsorship and service at the group level.

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