Lookout Newspaper: Former Sailor Rises Above Addiction

Lookout Newspaper: Former Sailor Rises Above Addiction

A former sailor of the Royal Canadian Navy who beat his drug and alcohol addiction says he will never forget the fateful life-saving call he received from Veterans Affairs Canada.

Former Ordinary Seaman Michael Cain was sitting in his mom’s View Royal home on Oct. 29, 2014, during an alcohol and cocaine-induced 18-day bender. His three years in the military were ending; he had no vision of a future.

“I was close to running out of drugs, depressed and planning to kill myself,” says Cain.

Then the telephone rang.

It was a VAC case worker named Irena, and she threw him a lifeline.

She had managed to convince the operators of renownedVancouver-based rehabilitation clinicTogether We Can Addiction Recovery & Education Society to give Cain a bed, effectively saving his life.

Together We Can was founded in 1993 as a treatment centre for men battling alcohol and drug addiction. The non-profit society offers 60- to 90-day immersive recovery programs followed by transitional housing and other support. Their medicine, says Cain, is exactly what he needed.

“I call Irena every year on Oct. 31 and thank her because that’s the anniversary of the first day I woke up sober.”

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