Clinical Counsellor & Certified Life Coach

Mashiah Vaughn


Together We Can

My passion at TWC is assisting and helping my clients find the answers within themselves. Encouraging them to overcome unsettling memories, whether it be childhood traumas, PTSD, abuse, or addictions. I use inner child therapy to help them reconnect with their wounded child within. Once they rediscover this fragmented part of self, they soon discover that many of their fears and phobias are a result of earlier childhood issues. When this is acknowledged, true healing begins. Some of the other forms of therapy I use with clients are eye movement desensitization, reprocessing therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. I encourage them to heal the feelings, sounds and images that are remembered when they think of the traumatic events. My unique skill set of counselling and coaching offers clients the opportunity to move forward once the past is dealt with, using mindfulness techniques. I enjoy motivating and encouraging clients to overcome challenging obstacles, build financial security and set achievable goals. Assisting them to achieve a positive outlook and become happier socially as well as professionally.

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