Senior Support Worker

Julian Harmel


Together We Can

Julian Harmel is a Senior Support Staff member at the Together We Can Main Centre. His duties include medication dispensation, conducting progress reports, monitoring behaviour, checking in with clients and leading the junior staff on his shift. Julian is a keen musician and leads a Music Therapy group every Friday. In addition to this, he is a key contributor to TWC’s monthly musical showcase, Open Mic Night, which is on the last Friday of each month at the Vancouver Alano Club. He thoroughly enjoys helping the newcomer and takes particular pleasure out of seeing the growth that occurs in recovery. He believes he is just giving others what was freely given to him 3 years ago. Julian is from Terrace, BC, and worked in the trades until early 2018 when he decided that he wanted to enter the recovery field. He soon realized that helping others was his calling; the new sense of purpose that he felt had previously been unmatched. In his spare time, you can catch Julian recording music. He writes and records under the pseudonym of Harmelody; his first single was a hit called “Let You Go”.

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