Together We Can

Dwayne Mason is a Counsellor at Together We Can and has worked with people in addictions for over 24 yrs. It was through the volunteer work he did building homes for people in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic for 7yrs which is when he realized his fulfilment in life could be realized by service to others. He loves to plant the seed of hope and watch it grow in those that have lost this in their life. Dwayne’s experience with starting and running his own successful company, challenging himself with running Marathons, International high altitude Mountaineering, and world travel have given Dwayne a unique perspective on the possibility’s for one’s life when reaching for its potential and purpose. Dwayne is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor with a specialty in addictions and is continuing his 7yr Existential Analyst Training with Existential Canada. Dwayne enjoys spending time with his significant other,hiking, working with his hands, fishing and Traveling.