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Don Symons - TWC Transitional Housing Services


Together We Can

Don was born and raised in Burnaby BC. He had a passion for sports, playing lacrosse, hockey, and soccer throughout his childhood. After finishing school, Don worked in an industrial bakery for close to 25 years where he worked his way up to a supervisor roll.  Along the way he was able to obtain a few certificates in waste management, forklift operator, as well as a few management degrees. Don has been through the depths of addiction in the 90’s, but has found long term recovery through Together We Can. He has been working with TWC for over 13 years, providing groceries for our second stage residents. He visits with clients on a weekly basis, and shares his journey of recovery in hopes of inspiring others. Having lost his brother, Don recognizes the severity of addiction, and knew that he had to find a life, free from drugs and alcohol. Don has 2 children, a grandson and a fiance. He is now able to share the gifts of recovery such as going to concerts, shopping and connecting with his loved ones.