Operations Manager

Daniel Maceachern


Together We Can

Daniel is the operations manager. In his role, he supports the Executive Director and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the facility.  He ensures that TWC adheres to all licensing agreements, policies and regulations and acts as the liaison to the health authorities, reporting statistical data that is integral to improving client care. Daniel oversees the client care department, monitors billing and funding and acts as a mentor to other staff. He enjoys helping clients in need and loves that his job is never the same day-to-day. Daniel’s background is in Instrumentation Engineering. He has a decade of experience in the oil & gas industry with a history of leading dynamic teams as a project manager. His work experience has provided him with a unique skill set and his ability to lead by example enables him to connect with people both professionally and personally. Daniel enjoys spending his free time helping those in the recovery community, attending movies with friends, and spending time with his girlfriend exploring the lower mainland or taking exotic trips to idyllic destinations.