Spotlight: Art Vancouver

Our gala, on Saturday, November 9th, featured many businesses and organizations that we are proud to support and have supporting us. An outpouring of support from philanthropic individuals, pillar-of-the-community non-profits and forward-thinking companies carried us to our largest fundraising total in the three consecutive years we have been hosting our gala.

Art Vancouver, represented by Taisha Teal and Skyla Wayrynen, two of their talented artists, did a live painting exhibition at the event. Not only were the guests unbelievably impressed by their skill and speed, Art Vancouver generously offered to auction off the two pieces and donate the proceeds to our organization. Their talent, matched only by wholly transparent philanthropy, was on full display for all to see.

The majority of our supporters are noteworthy, no doubt about it, but in this particular blog post, we would like to highlight a special venture called Art Vancouver, whom we have been watching thrive from a distance for a number of years now.

Founded in 2015 by the non-profit “Vancouver Visual Art Foundation”, as the brainchild of Lisa Wolfin, an accomplished artist and art curator, Art Vancouver is dedicated to the showcasing of Western Canadian art, artists and art scene.

The connection between Together We Can and Art Vancouver is one formed in common good and shared awareness of the struggles faced by those facing addiction. Both organizations have grown to be pillars of the community and agents of change and inclusion. We feel fortunate to call Art Vancouver a partner.

Consisting of a group of dedicated volunteers, they bring their vision to life at an annual event hosted at the Vancouver Convention Centre. By bringing global awareness to the visual arts, they have become the premier destination for art connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

Reputable galleries, artists and exhibitors, from Canada and around the world, will be descending upon Vancouver from April 16th to the 19th, 2020 for Art Vancouver’s sixth annual global art fair.

Not only will art be on display, it’ll also be taught to those who are interested in learning more and exploring and enhancing their own artistic abilities. All skill levels are welcome to take part in both classes and workshops, which will be taking place the entire weekend. Art Vancouver provides tours that touch on styles, techniques and what makes art unique to different parts of the world.

We hope that you’ll join Together We Can as we get behind Art Vancouver in their quest to grow, inspire and empower the local, national and international arts community.

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