Shannon Bosa-Yacoub: 2019 Canadian Champion Award Honouree

Shannon Bosa-Yacoub: 2019 Canadian Champion Award Honouree

2019 Canadian Champion Award Honouree:

Shannon Bosa-Yacoub


Glowbal Restaurant Group

Mrs. Bosa-Yacoub is not only the proprietor of the Glowbal Restaurant Group, but she is also a champion of many causes and a pillar in the local community. With an ever-expanding business empire, she has shown a willingness to support an ever-increasing number of initiatives, all which have had great effect. Shannon is a powerful advocate of equality and opportunity for all, and has mentored many individuals early in their careers. As an entrepreneur herself, Shannon continues to support young entrepreneurs in the Vancouver area and has played a vital role in the success of many ventures. As a voice for the less fortunate, it seems that any issue Mrs. Bosa-Yacoub is passionate about, she winds up being able to make a difference. As a leader of today as well as tomorrow, Shannon ensures that the Together We Can philosophy of care and compassion is one that’ll thrive long-term.

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