Sean Fox Year of Sobriety: Treatment Saved My Life
TWC Saved My Life.

Sean Fox Year of Sobriety: Treatment Saved My Life

By: Sean Fox

TWC saved my life…and my marriage.  I have been given the chance to build new relationships with my adult children and the chance to show the love of my life how much she means to me.  Thanks go to the staff and community at TWC for giving me the tools to cope with my insane behaviour as an alcoholic.  Thank you for helping me achieve 1 year of sobriety!

Denial is what kept me going through the years and thinking that I could talk my way out of every situation, outsmarting everyone, all the time.  That meant that friends didn’t stay close, friends and family drifted away, and I was on the road to being alone.

Tough love is what set me straight.  My wife gave me the ultimatum with one day’s notice!  Your bags are packed. Now choose.  A life alone or TWC for 90 days with the possibility of rebuilding our marriage. 

Sean & Sheila Fox

I hated every minute that I was there, but I hated leaving even more.  The brotherhood, friendship and trust earned and given while I was at TWC is something so dear to my heart that it will stay with me forever.  It was hard dealing with my issues, hearing the statistics of staying sober and digging deep to get through those steps.  Soon the lonely, exhausted nights turned into nights of thankfulness for choosing the right path one step at a time.

Just as we must work our steps, attend our meetings, and stay involved with the community, so does my wife.  She too has had a journey.  She learned the science behind the addiction with “Betty” classes and then felt heard and not so alone during the Family Anonymous meetings at TWC.  She attends regularly and is now sharing how she learned to deal with boundaries, better communication and shares our success of one day at a time with the group.

Yes, there are challenges every day.  Yes, there are moments when we both want to throw in the towel.  TWC has shown me how to use the tools every day to stay on the path of sobriety. 

My demons may be with me forever, but I have learned how to deal with them – with a level head and a lot less fog!  The journey I’ve embarked on is a never-ending story.  NEVER, being, the key word. I will NEVER, EVER, be able to drink again.  I have excepted this as my reality. Although, in my own mind, the plan has always been to sit on some sandy beach in the South Pacific, a Cerveza in one hand and a Cuban in the other for the rest of my days (or 60 more years whichever comes first!) my dream was lost, as most fantasies are.  But not really!  The dream has just altered a little, just as my path has.

The true goal now is to spend the rest of my life walking hand in hand, with my true love on those very same beaches, alcohol and demon free.  Yes, for the rest of my life.

That is the major tool I took from TWC.

Sean Fox

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