Peter Legge: 2019 Canadian Champion Award Honouree

Peter Legge: 2019 Canadian Champion Award Honouree

019 Canadian Champion Award Honouree:

Peter Legge

Co-Founder & CEO

Canada Wide Media

The head of one of Canada’s largest and most successful print and digital media companies, Mr. Legge is an incredibly busy man who has always had the courage to speak up, write, and publish stories that really matter and impact everyday Canadians. Our free society is nothing without our free press, and Peter has been carrying that torch for all of us for many years. He is a powerful and sought-after public speaker, a community leader and an author of 21 published books. Peter has consistently been a voice for the voiceless, and a source of accountability during any sort of public controversy. Together We Can is formally celebrating the contribution of Peter Legge over the many years he and his company have been a fixture in Canadian society and look forward to his many works to come.

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