Medication Management

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Often, when people come to a treatment program, their physical & mental health needs have not been looked after. Our medical team works to provide intervention and stabilization to ensure these needs are a top priority for a person to begin their addiction recovery journey. Having a coordinated care team can mean all the difference, from ensuring proper dosages to making sure there are no negative interactions between medications, the entire team from doctors and pharmacists to support staff need to work collectively for the residents benefit.

Our community partnership with Pharmacy at Safeway allows us to make sure that medications are delivered on time, effectively, and monitored to minimize any consequences from missed doses or cross interactions.

New residents are assessed by our team of in-house doctors and counsellors and if necessary, any medications are sent to our pharmacy partner who works with us to create a medication schedule that is easy-to-follow. Oftentimes, Pharmacy at Safeway works after hours to ensure that new residents who have arrived mid afternoon have everything they need for the day. With the team working together to make recommendations and then providing meds in blister-packs, all our residents’ medications are available on a timeline as prescribed by their doctor, and dispensed by trained professionals.

Pharmacy at Safeway is key in providing Medication Assisted Treatment solutions for residents working to overcome Opioid Addiction, by providing services for Opioid Antagonist Therapies like Methadone or Suboxone. These residents build a relationship with the pharmacists who monitor their progress as they reduce dosages, and this relationship stays long after residents complete their primary care journey and move back home or to one of our many sober living residences.

The entire team at Together We Can is grateful for our partnership with the Pharmacy at Safeway. The hard work of the pharmacy staff helps to fill the gap in continued after-care services. Visit them online at

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