Lorrie Ward: 2019 Canadian Champion Award Honouree

Lorrie Ward: 2019 Canadian Champion Award Honouree

2019 Canadian Champion Award Honouree:

Lorrie Ward

Secretary Treasurer & Principal Officer

Teamsters Union 155

As a fierce advocate for the men and women of his union, as well as working men and women in Canada, Lorrie is noted for standing up for those who often don’t have their message heard. Lorrie has been an advocate for recovery and treatment for decades and has facilitated many individuals getting the help they so desperately needed. He has campaigned for mental health and addiction treatment and at every turn has contributed to the greater good. Never willing to look the other way or give up on someone at their lowest moment, Lorrie has become a staunch supporter of those who might otherwise fall through the cracks. In addition to the significant work he’s partaken in towards advancing personal health for individuals, he is also a union leader and advocate of bargaining rights, collective good and fairness for all. We recognize the selfless service Lorrie has provided to every British Columbian who has ever faced adversity.

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