Jae Kim: 2019 Canadian Champion Award Honouree

Jae Kim: 2019 Canadian Champion Award Honouree

2019 Canadian Champion Award Honouree:

Jae Kim

Chief Philanthropy Officer

Giustra Foundation

As an Oxford-trained lawyer, Jae Kim has chosen a career path that has allowed her to have a massive impact on the lives of many people worldwide. As a woman who has philanthropy near to her heart, she has put great effort into initiatives that make our great world a better place. Leading the philanthropy operations of the Guistra Foundation, she plays a pivotal role in deciding where resources are allocated and what causes are pursued. Particularly effective at finding a happy medium between government, big business and non-government organizations, her work has included social welfare, humanitarian, refugee, and other issues. With people like Ms. Kim in the world leading the charge and making a difference, there is little doubt that as a society there is nothing we can’t accomplish. We recognize Jae’s commitment to standing up for those who are voiceless and often without help.

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