Jacqui Cohen: 2019 Canadian Champion Award Honouree

Jacqui Cohen: 2019 Canadian Champion Award Honouree

2019 Canadian Champion Award Honouree:

Jacqui Cohen

President & CEO

Army & Navy

Having started the Face the World Foundation, which is a Vancouver based charity dedicated to helping the less fortunate members of our community in 1991, Jacqui Cohen has gone on to raise enormous sums of money for battered women, abused children and the homeless. As a seasoned businesswoman who has been at the helm of the Army & Navy organization, Jacqui has consistently stayed engaged in her community and taken care of those who work for her. She is a mentor, leader and advocate for many. Having been around for over 100 years, contributing towards the greater good of the areas they serve has allowed Army & Navy to stay competitive and expand while other businesses have come and gone. Jacqui is noted for having raised over $18,000,000 for some of the most marginalized among us. We recognize her ability to have concern for others, all the while moving the world in a compassionate direction.

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