It’s not the trauma that destroys us it’s silence.

It’s not the trauma that destroys us it’s silence.

Recovery from substance misuse isn’t a journey for the faint of heart, and often, there is a lifetime of painful memories, inescapable trauma, and emotional blockages that need to be addressed. The first goal people have in mind when seeking treatment for addiction is to simply stop using drugs or alcohol, but for many, that is the easiest part. The hardest part of not using, is we no longer have the go-to method for numbing and escaping the past. It takes a team of professionals that work in unison to address your past and support you on your journey. While everyone’s past, and everyone’s journey is different, there is nothing that we can’t overcome to lead clean productive lives . 

Follow the story of Essi Bagheri, a Together We Can alumnus who has faced a lifetime of trauma and addiction and uses his strength through adversity to help others. Essi grew up as a boy soldier in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, overcame childhood sexual assault, became a father in his teens, and after a number of treatment stays, he proudly overcome his addiction. Essi uses his lived experience to help others overcome addiction as a mental health coach. 

Essi recently gave a keynote TEDx speech, and we are excited to share that with you. 

Silence of trauma and addiction, confession of a child soldier: Essi’s Story can be viewed directly on youtube at the following link:

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