How A Non-Profit Works

How A Non-Profit Works

A Charitable Country

It’s no coincidence that every non-profit in Canada, and quite frankly the world, participates in fundraising. Fundraising isn’t some sort of leisure activity either – to be blunt – the ability to raise capital is the difference between long-term sustainability and immediate door shuttering. Money is often the differentiator between organizations that change the world and those who have minimal impact.

As of 2018, there were approximately 86,000 charities in Canada with a total revenue of $251 Billion. Nearly 96% of all revenue went back out in expenses, meaning that nearly everything that comes in, goes back out to the communities that are served. Charity represents just under 14% of the total Canadian GDP, which sits at $1.8 Trillion.

This article is not about how great money is. Money is simply a means to an end, and, for us, that end is saving the lives of men who desperately need our help. We have a set number of government-funded beds, but for the level of service we provide, those beds actually cost us money.

Who We Are

Together We Can is the largest Treatment Organization in Canada. We operate in an industry and sector where for-profit organizations are the norm. Every single treatment organization in Canada is doing important work, but the reality is that there are far too few beds available for the many addicts and alcoholics who need them. By committing to excellence rather than mediocrity, we have enhanced our ability to have an impact. That same commitment also drives up costs.

It costs money to have a dietitian, in-house physicians, personal trainers, yoga, meditation, Jiu-Jitsu, Master’s level counsellors, premium food, and the list goes on and on. We aren’t providing band-aid solutions to our clients, no, we are a one-stop shop for everything that they need. We provide industry-leading care and have the results to show for it.

We’ve also committed to providing affordable care. Unfortunately, the government doesn’t fund the number of beds that are required, so we fill the gap.

We end up providing pro-bono treatment for anywhere from 7 to 15 clients, every single month. We average over 100 free treatment stays every year. These write-offs, scholarships, or whatever else you want to call them, are for people who would otherwise fall through the cracks.

Addiction is a disease that kills; 2018 saw nearly 1,500 overdose fatalities, while British Columbia sees around 2,000 alcohol deaths each year. Treatment programs not only save lives, but they give a new lease on life.

We reject the notion that families or individuals who happen to lack means should have to go without treatment. We subscribe to the idea that treatment should be a right for all Canadians.

That’s where fundraising comes in.

The Gala

This year we’ll be hosting our 3rd annual Gala. Designed as an organizational showcase which allows us to spread the message and gain traction in the community, our Gala has become our premier fundraising vehicle. It’s the perfect opportunity to reach out to our suppliers, partners, families, philanthropists and the community at large to get them behind our cause.

We’ll be hosting it November 9th at the Rocky Mountaineer in Vancouver. As a way to thank the people who go above and beyond in British Columbia, we’ve created the Together We Can Canadian Champion Award. Recipients will be honoured at the Provence inspired, Starry Starry Night themed, TWC Gala. Stay posted for more details closer to the date.

Our Community

The entire Together We Can organization, our alumni, families, and staff stay united through the common bond that is fostered as a result of lasting recovery. To bring our community closer and maintain continuous connectivity, we host a wide range of events on a regular basis.

The month of June is always jam-packed; on the first weekend, we hosted The Summer Slam, the largest recovery sports tournament of the year. We had a field of 28 teams and drew over 1,000 people each day of the event.

This weekend, we’ll be hosting our annual Alumni & Family BBQ at Trout Lake Park. The event will feature free food for all, music, fellowship, kids activities, and much more. Everyone, and we mean everyone, is welcome to come and join us. Even if it’s just for the food, we hope to see you out.

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