Arriving at TWC

Arriving at TWC

Treatment Isn’t So Bad

Anyone who’s made the decision to enter treatment for the first time knows how scary it can be. Fear of the unknown, a condition experienced by people from every walk of life, causes many of us to be hesitant about making necessary changes. We convince ourselves that we’ll “do it tomorrow”, or “it’s really not that bad” when whatever we fear isn’t even a bid deal. Treatment is very much like that.

When we’re kids, we don’t think “one day I’d like to go to treatment”, but difficult circumstances force our hand. The ironic thing is that taking 2 or more months off to work on ourselves often ends up being one of the most fulfilling things we ever do. Being able to attend treatment is a luxury that many people worldwide do not have access to.

The chance to completely change your life, relationships, prospects and outlook is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Here’s what you can expect when you get to TWC:

We’ll Pick You Up

Whether you’re arriving by flight, train, bus, or live locally, a member of our intake team will pick you up at your convenience. We pride ourselves on the fact that we do intakes every day of the week and at any time. If your flight arrives at Vancouver Airport (YVR) at 11 PM? No problem. Need us to come and get you in Abbotsford? No problem. We provide door to door service and will wait for you with a sign if you’re travelling. Time and time again, we’ve been recognized for our flexibility when it comes to saving a life.

We were scared our son wouldn’t go, but the intake team quickly erased all of the worries he had. 

Our Easy Adjustment Philosophy

We know that arriving on campus is overwhelming. It feels like every other client already knows everyone’s name and has made friends. Don’t worry, that’ll be you soon enough. But to make the adjustment and transition feel seamless, we make a point of taking you around, showing you the ropes, and ultimately pairing you up with a “senior” client who comes from a similar background. Almost every time, the client we pair you up with will end up being someone you become friends with.

Detox Protocols

Most people don’t come to treatment because they’ve been drinking or using drugs once a week. If you come in being physically or emotionally dependent on a substance, don’t worry, you’re in the vast majority. We have strictly controlled and medically monitored detoxification protocols that ensure your safe transition to sobriety. Did you know that alcohol and benzodiazepine withdrawal can cause death? Well, it’s true. That’s why you’ll see our in-house physician immediately and have around the clock support until a professional has given you clearance. We have a partnership with one of the top addiction-medicine practices in Vancouver, and you’ll reap the benefits.

Daily Routine

Don’t tell the people who wanted you to come to treatment, but most of our clients find treatment to be akin to an adult summer camp. Our red-seal chefs prepare high-quality, healthy gourmet food that’ll have you feeling energized and cared for. Wake-up happens just prior to 8 AM, which ensures you get the most out of every day. Clients participate in groups along with their peers and have access to advanced music therapy, sports programs, one-on-one counselling, outings and much, much more. Our schedule has been optimized over the last 25 years so that there’s the right amount of stuff to do, and enough time to do it.

The First Week and Beyond

When running programs like ours, the question of “how much freedom is too much” frequently comes up. We look at the circumstances of each man on a case by case basis. Fairly significant restrictions are in place for the first 3 days, and then if appropriate, they’re further loosened once a week has passed. When a group of men are all getting healthy together, the high morale that comes is something to behold. As a result of this, men keep each other accountable and are constantly motivating one another to be the best they can be.

We know that once men come into our care, we’ll be able to lead them to the results they want and so badly need. The key is breaking down the barriers of getting in.

If you or someone you know is interested in making a change, here is how to start the process:

1) Call 604-451-9854 and ask for intake. Steve Bull, our Intake Manager is the best in the business.

2) Use the online chat in the bottom right corner of our website.

3) Go to the Contact Page and fill out a form.

Written for Together We Can by Tristan Elliott, a third-year BBA student who currently works as the Marketing & Communications Coordinator. He is passionate about issues affecting the local community, personal finance, the economy, and Canada as a whole.

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