Addiction & The Family
Family program at twc

Addiction & The Family

We all know how devastating addiction is. Anyone who has experienced having a loved one fall prey to the consequences of addiction knows how broad the impact is; not only does it completely alter their life and who they are, it has far-reaching implications for everyone involved.

Mom and dad no longer know who their son is.

Son and daughter no longer know who their father is.

Families become disconnected, trust is broken, and no one is quite sure if everything will ever go back to the way it used to be.

At Together We Can, we understand just how devastating these life-changing issues are. We understand what it’s like to think that you’ve lost someone who you care so deeply about.

We understand what it’s like to feel as though your control is slipping away, perhaps never to return to the state it once was. An out of body feeling is often experienced; you watch the movie of your life, while playing the star character, feeling as though all semblances of normalcy and control are escaping you second after second.

We lose track of time. Sometimes this movie of addiction goes on for months, years, or even decades.

Help is hard to find.

That’s why, at TWC, we have our Family Program.

Not only do you send your son, husband or father to our program, but it is also imperative for you to undertake the care that you inevitably need after experiencing the discombobulating whirlwind of addiction.

We want to teach you how to be yourself again, how to reimagine the relationship that you want to have, and how to be supportive – all without enabling.

Your stability, whether your kin is actively using drugs, in recovery or possibly near relapse, is of paramount importance. Recovery and healing from addiction rely on connection and there is no one we are closer to than our family. The family must maintain their connection, but you also need to avoid the following behaviours: conflict, enabling and detachment.

Betty Conroy, who has been in recovery for well over 2 decades, runs one of the premier family programs in the country. Best of all, it’s all free.

Our initial program runs for 4 consecutive weeks.

Session One: 
Understanding Addiction
Why Treatment?
Enabling Behaviours

Session Two: 
Boundaries & Building Trust
Understanding the 12 Steps
Post-Acute Withdrawal

Session Three: 
Denial and Acceptance
Family Support Resources
Recovery Support Resources

Session Four: 
Guest Speaker
Relapse Signs & Symptoms
Working a Program of Recovery

We encourage every family to then move on to our free Families Anonymous meeting, which is held every Wednesday on campus in Vancouver. This group is full of other family members, who like you, have had to deal with the once insurmountable goal of getting their lives back on track after facing addiction.

Help is here.

More information can be found by clicking here.

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