6 Certain Benefits of Attending Treatment

6 Certain Benefits of Attending Treatment

We’ve all heard the taboos about going to a drug and alcohol treatment centre. Many of us have the exact same concerns and fears about attending.

They go something like this:

  • What will my friends and family think?
    • They’ll almost certainly respect you.
  • Will people judge me?
    • The people who judge you were already judging you, and they don’t matter anyway.
  • Will it be worth it financially?
    • Ask yourself how much your addiction was costing you.
  • I know it helps other people, but will it really help me?
    • Why wouldn’t it, participate and it will work.
  • I might lose my relationship.
    • If you don’t attend, you almost certainly will.
  • What will my kids think?
    • What do they think of the drinking and/or drugging?

And the list goes on and on.

The reality about entering treatment and getting the help we need is that the upside far exceeds the downside. When we’re young, we don’t think “one day I’d like to go to rehab”, but by the time it becomes a possibility, we almost invariably need it.

Often the scariest decisions we have in life are the ones we stand to gain the most out of.

Here are 6 benefits you’ll definitely get by attending treatment:

1) Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

Whether it’s been a few weeks, months, years or decades that you’ve been caught in the cycle of excessive alcohol or drug use, and the consequences that come along with it, getting in-patient help offers the chance to stop. Once we’ve ceased use of the substances that are harming our life, endless possibilities emerge and we’re able to make rational choices.

2) Explore the Underlying Issues

The vast majority of people who are experiencing a substance misuse disorder got into it because of one or many underlying issues that they deal with. Whether it’s trauma, mental health, anxiety, depression, or one of the many other causes, going to treatment commences the process of finding solutions. You’ll get help that is specifically designed for whatever you’re specifically dealing with.

3) A Fresh Start

Regardless of whether you’ve still got a high-paying job or are homeless, entering treatment will allow you to wipe the slate clean and have a fresh start. The people in your life who perhaps wanted you to get help will see that you’re doing your part to solve the issues that had been harming your life.

4) Establish Healthy Patterns and Habits

There are occasionally people who, although dealing with addiction, are able to maintain relatively healthy sleeping, eating, and hygiene behaviour. They are the outlier. For most people, addiction means that we’re either eating too much or too little, sleeping too often or not enough, and letting go of our personal hygiene. In treatment, you’ll have 3 healthy meals each day, have to be in and out of bed at reasonable hours, as well as having to take care of yourself.

5) Make New Friends

Anyone who is in months, years or decades into addiction is almost certainly not able to connect with other people in the same way as if they were completely healthy. Whether we are an introvert or extrovert, in treatment we’ll have the opportunity to be around people who are going through and overcoming similar difficulties. You’ll learn that the opposite of addiction is connection, and have the opportunity to form lasting relationships.

6) Get Your Family Back

Knowing that our relationship with family could be better is an extremely difficult thing; not only do we wish it was better, we know the reason that it’s not. We are often a large part of the problem. Once you enter treatment and start getting healthy, the people in your life that care most about you, your family, will be excited to get back in your life. You’ll be able to be present when you’re with them and they’ll no longer have to constantly be worried about you.

Every year, millions of people in the world get to experience these, and many other benefits of attending treatment by making the decision to do something scary. While entering rehab seems scary, once you’re on campus and in the program, you’ll quickly realize that it’s not bad at all. The whole process is a unique opportunity to press pause on everything other than your own life, and make the vital changes that will have a lasting impact.

Nothing is more powerful than getting your life back.

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Written for Together We Can by Tristan Elliott, a third-year BBA student who currently works as the Marketing & Communications Coordinator. He is passionate about issues affecting the local community, personal finance, the economy, and Canada as a whole.

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