10 Best Treatment Centres In Vancouver

10 Best Treatment Centres In Vancouver

When men or women are struggling with substance misuse disorder, they often require a period of intensive inpatient treatment to detox and learn to live without the destructive vice they are over-utilizing. Rehabilitation in British Columbia ranges from government funded, to private pay. Rates are anywhere from $3,000, all the way up to $30,000 per month. Cost is certainly not solely indicative of how good a program is, but it can often contribute to factors like the client to staff ratio, as well as how secluded the environment is. Different individuals will do better in different environments. British Columbia is fortunate to have a number of good centres, which provide a number of options for the individual, or the family of the individual who is suffering to choose from.

The success rates vary, but as with many things, the number one factor is the individual who is undergoing the treatment. We frequently see that when an individual is ready for help, they will buy-in to the program being offered whole-heartedly.

Programs being offered at each treatment centre vary; some utilize a 12-step approach, while others focus on a trauma-informed biopsychosocial model. The centres on this list are all certified and offer evidence-based programs designed to help the individual who enrols.

Here is a list of the 10 Best Treatment Centres in Vancouver and surrounding area, in alphabetical order:

Cedars at Cobble Hill

A staple of the Vancouver Island recovery community and located in Nanaimo, Cedars has been in their current location for 13 years. Known for their thorough continuum of care, log cabins and competent staff, the Cedars is a good place to go heal.

Read more at www.cedarscobblehill.com

Charlford House

Located in Burnaby, the Charlford House is another female-only environment specializing in the rehabilitation of women from alcohol and drug misuse. Serving women 19 years and older, they provide a mature set of services designed to maximize the positive effect on the woman still suffering.

Read more at www.charlfordhouse.ca

Edgewood (EHN Canada)

With a network of facilities across Canada, Edgewood provides treatment for people suffering from addiction and mental health issues. With facilities on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland, clients have a number of options for primary care.

Read more at www.edgewoodhealthnetwork.com


Providing a safe and structured treatment centre in the heart of Port Coquitlam, InnerVisions offers both men and women a way out of addiction. Offering 1st and 2nd stage housing solutions, people who enrol at InnerVisions are enrolling in a place with plenty of supports in place.

Read more at www.innervisionsrecovery.com 

The Last Door

A staple in the recovery community for 35 years, the Last Door has been providing men battling addiction a way out for a long time. Located in the heart of New Westminster, what some people refer to as the recovery capital of Canada, men in their program become members of a community.

Read more at www.lastdoor.org

The Orchard

Located on Bowen Island, the Orchard has been providing high-level treatment options for men and women since 2002. Their secluded environment offers a get away from daily life designed to heal the mind and body.

Read more at www.orchardrecovery.com

Pacifica Treatment Centre

Serving both men and women and operating since 1977, Pacifica is the longest running treatment centre in British Columbia. Located in the heart of Vancouver, clients at Pacifica are offered a chance to recover in a familiar environment.

Read more at www.pacificatreatment.ca 

Sunshine Coast Health Centre

Providing non-12 Step solutions out of their centre on the Sunshine Coast, SCHC has been a reputable centre since their inception. Offering their clients care for everything from drugs, to mental health and PTSD, clients at SCHC are in good hands.

Read more at www.sunshinecoasthealthcentre.ca 

Together We Can – Addiction Recovery & Education Society

Located in the heart of Vancouver, TWC has been a go-to treatment provider for men since 1993. With everything from programs for transitional housing, vets, alumni, and families, to counselling and detox services, they are a one-stop shop with high success rates. TWC offers everything from high-end private to regular self-pay environments.

Read more at twcrecoverylife.org

Westminster House

Exclusively treating youth and adult women, the Westminster House has been operating since 1981 and provides a wide range of services. Operating out of New Westminster, clients at the Westminster House are offered the chance to recover in an environment with lots of meetings and friends of the community.

Read more at www.westminsterhouse.ca 

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