Together We Can Partners With the British Columbia Hockey League

Vancouver BC, October 24th, 2017 – Together We Can Addiction Recover and Education Society is proud to announce its new partnership with the British Columbia Hockey League.  Our combined mission is to offer players, fans, and families access to greater resources, awareness and addiction recovery services.

“The pressures of Junior hockey can give some the idea they have failed and if an injury, particularly a concussion, is added to the equation it can be hard to cope with,” said BCHL commissioner John Grisdale.

“The partnerships we’ve joined are for the best interests and well-being of players. But we also want everyone in our league, including fans and all residents of each BCHL community, to know these services are available to the public should they feel the need to ask.”

“Together We Can Addiction Recovery and Education Centre is very excited to partner with the BCHL to help bring awareness and support to men and families who may struggle with addictions,” said TWC communications manager Christopher Steffler.

“While many athletes may experience addiction in their lives, we also know that sports play an important role in the healing process. Participation brings people together to work towards a common goal and encourages physical fitness, both of which are integral to leading a healthy lifestyle and building a life in sobriety.”

Together We Can is uniquely poised to partner with the BCHL on the issues of substance reliance and the therapeutic benefits of sport by the leadership and experiences of two of their staff members. Both former Junior hockey players Steve Bull and Nathan MacMaster excelled in the Junior hockey league, and have overcome substance reliance issues to become integral members of the Together We Can Intake Servies team.

Supporting athletes with substance reliance issues, and offering them an athletic outlet as part of their recovery program is something that Together We Can’s Nathan MacMaster is passionate about.

“I know a lot of my struggles began during my time playing Junior hockey. I would have loved to have a former player to chat with at that time,” explains Nathan MacMaster.

“Having Steve Bull here, and being fortunate enough to have him take a special interest in myself, allowed me to connect with someone who travelled a very similar path as I had. Steve showed me that recovery is possible, and that it is also possible to live a normal, happy, healthy life.”

The new partnership between TWC and the BCHL is not limited to only players and fans of Junior hockey, but is being offered to anyone struggling with substance reliance issues.

“Existing BCHL initiatives with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) and with HeadCheck Health fit in with Together We Can as all three groups provide tools to individuals, not just players, who may have been affected by head injuries, low mood and depression,” says the BCHL. “Each group provides specific resources and the BCHL has identified that people may need one or all of the groups’ expertise. That holds for any individual, whether they are an athlete, fan, or otherwise. The BCHL’s partnerships offer support to anyone, whether they are involved in the league or not.”

Together We Can understands that long-term recovery is most successful when people are provided health and wellness supports for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.  As a registered charity, Together We Can is dedicated to building positive community relationships with families, donors, partners, and government.

Together, the BCHL and TWC can continue to make a difference in our communities.

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