The Rush – January 23, 2015

In collaboration with the Vancouver Recovery Club and local artists in recovery, on January 23 The Rush concert had the best-ever attendance and even went into overtime as the talented artists in recovery amazed the concert-goers with their dedication, inspiration and annihilation of addiction through the higher power of music and words. The Rush has continued to be a MASSIVE success!

The room at the beginning of the night was immediately jam-packed with a Friday night recovery crowd buzzing and bonding over the fact that many of their friends were given the courage to perform on stage. With TWC Alumni Basil on stage managing the microphone and artists mingling with the people before they performed, the filled room was constantly alive with fellowship and excitement. People from all walks of recovery turned out in support of the event!

TWC Alumni Jordan H. (seen in the photoblog with a Nike shirt and hat) was one such performer that took the stage and busted out some incredibly complicated rhymes and at one point even freestyled because of a soundcheck problem! This is exactly the kind of bravery and willingness that people require to stay clean and break through more social and mental barriers in their life. It was truly a spectacular act only seen at The Rush.

Together We Can offers a unique Music Therapy Program headed by Jeremy Reid and Matt Rands who facilitate and organize our clients and create opportunities JUST LIKE THIS. That’s right – The Rush performances for TWC Alumni and clients stem directly from TWC’s Music Therapy Program. For more information on how you can participate or donate to assist in the program, please Contact Us!

Thank you to the Vancouver Recovery Club for hosting the event, and also a BIG thank-you to Two Mice photographer Dominic McDowell for the priceless devotion it took to position himself to create the perfect shots he did. Visit for more of his awesome work.

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