The Rush April 24 2015

Another amazing night of talented people in recovery at the Rush this past Friday night.   A large crowd of nearly 200  were treated to some really amazing music, as well as some spoken word that brought the house down by a talented man by the name of Beau.  It was really something special when Teagan brought up Jordan to help him with Wonder wall, and then Teagan continued on to play a couple of beautiful songs with his angelic voice.  James sang a cool new song that captivated the audience and had him lost in the moment up on stage.  Ricky was very proud to have had the opportunity to sing ” Yesterday ” in front of his daughter, also playing an amazing rendition of ” In the air Tonight ” on the bongo with Matt and Basil accompanying him.  There was also a very talented lady that goes by the name of ” Scissor Fairy ” who really showed us how to sing a song performing ” Hallelujah ”  Once again Casey Jones brought the house down with an amazing performance from a truly talented individual. Closing off the night were the usual suspects of Lance, Saulo, and Basil showcasing some fine musical skills.

LanceThe Rush is an excellent example of just how talented some of us really are, re kindling our passion for both music and poetry.  Being in the room with all that wonderful talent truly overwhelms me with a sense of gratitude and honor to be among such talent.  One of the greatest things about the Rush is that we get to see people gain confidence and face some fears about getting up in front of a crowd and pouring their hearts out through music and poetry.  As well, recognizing the new comer by bringing them up on stage to receive prizes allowing them to feel part of.  Being a part of the Rush for the last 7 months has played a huge role in helping me work through the disease of addiction allowing me to be part of something as opposed to being alone and isolated.

A special thanks to all the great people who help make The Rush such a success month in and month out, as well as all who came out to support the many talented performers.  You can be sure to expect another fun filled night coming up at the end of May so be prepared to be astonished at who will surprise us next time!

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out!! I am so honored to be able to share the stage with such talent. Can’t wait to see you all on May 29 One Year Celebration… I got some surprises in store!!!!

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