Thank You – Living My Life in Recovery

“I’ve been given the gift of a new way of life.”

Dear Linda, (Interventionist at Together We Can – Profile)

Thank YouIt has been a process in itself for me to realize the importance of living my life in recovery, a life that I could not have attained without your help. It was not easy for me to identify as an addict, and to take responsibility for my actions. Working through my resentments towards others enabled me to understand the self-centred root from which they originated. Honesty was not something that I had ever practiced, as I had lived my life in spiritual void for quite some time. I have worked hard to develop an understanding of my personal character defects, as well as techniques to avoid their presentation. Previously in my life, I would not have had the capacity to empathize with the damage I was causing to others and to myself; I was blindly headed towards immanent death. Despite all of the negative consequences alcohol and drug use had brought to my life, I was completely unwilling to change.

I am unequivocally grateful for the opportunity you have provided for me to live my life to the fullest extent possible. The strength you portrayed to combat my attitude of indifference to addiction is the same strength I have now utilized to change my way of life. The tumultuous process of treatment has led me to question every aspect of my thinking, as I dig deep within myself to identify areas requiring change. Implementing honesty in this program has enabled me to address my self-centredness and move away from it as I utilize patience, open-mindedness, and kindness towards others. I have learned a great deal in the previous number of months as I became willing to accept this program of recovery in my life, and I have you to thank for this wonderful opportunity.

I have now achieved a much better relationship with my family, as respect and calm discussion is shared amongst us. I could never have imagined the profound gifts that working this program has brought to my life today, which is something I would not have been able to accomplish without your support. I have built an immense support group during my stay in treatment, and have attained the ability to connect with others on an intimate level facilitating the atmosphere of recovery. Today, I live every aspect of my life by spiritual principles I have acquired as a result of working the 12 step program of Narcotics Anonymous. I’ve heard stories from others in recovery during meetings and group therapy sessions which have helped me to understand the importance of relatability between addicts. Each day I work diligently to foster the new relationships and morals I have gained, as well as challenge myself to help others around me, propagating my strength in recovery.

Years passed me by in my life during addiction as I sought false pride, dishonesty, and self-centred goals in the wake of destruction to my relationships and ignorance to the gravity of my situation. When everyone else was hopeless for my situation and did not know if I would live or die, you were there to save me. Since being in treatment, I have learned and practiced a new way of life that allows me to be honest with myself and others, that enables me to apply spiritual principles in my everyday affairs, and that has revived my sense of well-being. My relationships with my family are better now than ever before and I have learned how to conduct myself as a responsible and respectful member of society. My academic, financial, and occupational goals are now attainable as I’ve learned the important value of following through with commitments. I look forward to my life in recovery as I will be continuously motivated to connect with individuals at the fellowship, attend meetings, read literature, and complete a yearly set of steps. My life is better now than it ever was before, a life that I could not have attained without your support. You have been committed to ensuring that I did not deviate from my path of recovery, something I wasn’t able to appreciate until I wanted it for myself. I’ve been given the gift of a new way of life and I am forever grateful for everything you have done for me and my family.


Nicholas P.

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