What our clients say

Today I am alive and learning that I can trust others. I am able to let go of my past and start fresh. I place my recovery first and foremost ahead of everything. I am so grateful to TWC for all the love and care they have shown me. This is my home!

Joey P. Alumni

I made a lot of friends that I will stay in contact with. I also learned how to get my life back to being manageable, as well as tools to “own my sobriety” and stay clean. TWC really helped me to not fear what life has in store for me.

Jeff C. Alumni

What personal benefits did I gain by participating in the TWC Recovery Program? An incredible opportunity to regroup and re-evaluate my life, and the time to re-establish healthy connections in the AA fellowship, the community and with other men previously unknown who are also in recovery. Renewed hope, encouragement and peace of mind. Huge reality check.

Perry L. Alumni

We thought we had lost our son for good to the disease of addiction. After much convincing, he finally agreed to try residential treatment at TWC. He stayed for 100 days, completing the first stage program. Our son then moved into second stage housing where he solidified his community supports and began working. He lived in this safe, sober environment for over a year. By the time he left TWC, he was employed full-time and had saved enough to rent and furnish his own place. Best of all, we have our son back. Thank you TWC.

L.P. Parent of a Client