Sponsorship: A Guide Through the Chaos of Early Recovery

Vince P and Mick D TWC
Vince P and Mick D

One of the most sacred relationships in recovery is that of the sponsor and sponsee. Without guides, mentors and role models, people in early recovery are doomed to rely on old and unhealthy beliefs that inevitably lead to repetitive, undesirable outcomes.

Mick Dosanjh, one of our CCAC accredited addictions counsellors, has accumulated over ten years of sobriety which he credits directly to extensive work with other alcoholics and addicts. Aside from the energy Mick devotes to clients at Together We Can, he also spends his free time being of service by introducing newcomers to the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. One of these individuals that Mick has led on a path of forgiveness and inspiration is Together We Can’s very own Vince Pirozzi.

Vince entered Together We Can just over a year ago in a state of utter bewilderment and complete defeat. He constantly stared at the ground as he shuffled around Together We Can a broken, lost and hopeless soul. After his initial detox, Vince began to see a small sliver of hope by witnessing other men with similar stories lead a new way of life void of alcohol and drugs. Vince began to quickly realize that people around him were getting well and reaping the benefits of spiritual growth. The emptiness and self-loathing that plagues those in the grips of addiction paints a bleak and desolate picture of what the future will bring. Vince made it his mission to instill in others the principles embodied in the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous through selfless service work and devotion to a great good.

Vinny just recently celebrated a year of continuous sobriety and is an example of where hard work and dedication can lead someone. Vinny is admired and appreciated in the recovery community for being a good friend and knowledgeable young man in recovery. He has made great strides and is definitely a role model and testament to the lasting changes that can result from working hard and being true to yourself.

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