The Next Stage of Recovery

So we’re getting to the end of our 60, 90 or 120 days and we start asking ourself, now what? If you’re anything like the majority of our clients, it’s probably time to start considering Supported Recovery Living.

Our Solid Ground and Elevate Programs both have a specific house designated for clients who have finished that program.

Our Supported Recovery homes allow clients who have completed their primary treatment program an opportunity to transition from a structured environment back into the community and a life of independence.

These 14 homes are dispersed throughout Greater Vancouver and Vancouver Island, and serve as a launching pad for men to explore work, volunteering, and educational opportunities. We offer men a safe living environment with a level of stability and structure, thus increasing their odds of maintaining long-term sobriety.

Clients entering our supported recovery homes, must adhere to a comprehensive continuing care plan which entails following up on volunteer, vocational or educational opportunities. They are also required to attend a minimum of three recovery meetings per week and also must participate in a weekly in-house meeting. Clients will be screened randomly to verify abstinence.

All of our homes are occupied by a live-in house manager who ensures that clients adhere to rules and remain active in their recoveries. Completing treatment and returning to work or school is often challenging. Our supported recovery program offers a safe, community-based setting for men to begin the next phase of their recovery.

Our Supported Recovery program is overseen by Jody Schneberk, the Transitional Housing Program Manager.

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