Our program treats both the addiction and the underlying causes, using an evidence-based, client-centred, compassionate treatment approach. We combine aspects of narrative therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, mindfulness, and motivational interviewing.

We offer evidence-based tools that include daily individual and group counselling, as well as comprehensive addiction education. We facilitate the use of outside support groups to help clients achieve lasting success.

The Solid Ground treatment program includes a thorough and detailed aftercare plan based on the client’s specific needs and the resources available in his home community.

In addition to our core programming, we offer clients the option to participate in weight training in our on-site gym, fitness-based Thai Boxing, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for recovery program. Our weekend outdoor recreation program takes advantage of many seasonal activities including sea kayaking, snowshoeing, hiking, trail running and more.


We offer individual and family counselling services to provide ongoing support through every stage of treatment. We also help family members learn how to create a healthy and fulfilling family dynamic. If your loved one is receiving treatment at Solid Ground, we will maintain positive contact during their stay and arrange visitation when appropriate.

With the consent of your family member, we will provide regular updates and provide post-treatment guidance to the family that complements the client’s continuing care plan.


What is Y12SR?

Y12SR is a practice that intertwines the ancient teachings of yoga with the logical foundations of 12-step programs, scientific evidence on trauma healing and neurobiology. Specifically designed as a key component of the holistic recovery program; Y12SR complements existing approaches that address the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of the disease of addiction. In Y12SR there is no contact between instructor and pupil, and the yoga session is always complimented with a meeting. A state of tranquility is the intended internal feeling.

Our Approach

At Solid Ground, we recognize that our clients arrive in a variety of different states; while some might respond well to overt direction, others require a softer touch. In Y12SR, instead of demanding, we ask if you'd be open to trying something new. We ask the client to make a conscious choice to participate and believe that as a result, both comfort and buy-in levels are drastically increased. By establishing a safe and relaxed atmosphere for the client, they are afforded the opportunity to delve deep into their consciousness and engage in both somatic and cognitive therapy.

Trauma-Informed Y12SR

In addition to our standard Y12SR model, we run a variant that utilizes the full philosophy of trauma-informed care. The trauma-informed model emphasizes 5 key areas:

  • Trust & Transparency
  • Choice
  • Safety & Security
  • Empowerment
  • Collaboration

This model allows individuals who suffer from extreme anxiety, PTSD, depression, trust and a variety of other issues to participate to the level they feel comfortable at.

Y12SR classes at Solid Ground are facilitated by certified instructor Annie McCullough. Read more about her by clicking here.

Solid Ground is proud to be the only treatment centre in British Columbia offering Y12SR as part of their curriculum.


We provide clients with a luxurious, therapeutic environment that maximizes their ability to achieve and maintain long term recovery, physical health and overall well-being.